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What We Achieve:

For those not familiar with our program it consists of two chemicals usually added continuously to the irrigation water. The products WaterSOLV™ Curative and WaterSOLV™ BC are liquids and are considered water treatment. Neither product is considered a nutrient or fertilizer though they operate similarly through various chemical reactions.

About us

When it comes to water treatment, let Watertek Agriculture take care of your poor water quality needs. Watertek Agriculture has 30+ years of water and soil treatment experience. Integrity is an important quality for a business to exhibit along with an excellent service program that Watertek Agriculture excels in. Along with our sulfuric acid program, we now have a state-of-the-art acid program. This is a game changer for the ag water treatment industry. The product is WaterSOLV™ Curative Ag.



A Shift in Agronomy


Vegetation vitality is usually measured visually by leaf size, health, pest resistance, crop yield and quality. When the crop has problems, it is usually presented visually by leaves and harvest. When there is a visual challenge other than pests, we do tissue analyses, followed with soil and water analyses.



New Growth Solutions


Hard water normally means more scale, more sodium, more water used to flush salts resulting in more hardness, more salt, more fertilizers, more acid, lower soil penetration, excessive evaporation and stressed plant growth. Plants struggle  from poor water quality, easily evidence by the impact R.O. water has to aid in the growth of seedlings.  

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