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New Growth Solutions

Hard Water is an Asset with WaterSOLV™!

Your water and your soil are not bad, they're bound


Hard water normally means more scale, more sodium, more water used to flush salts resulting in more hardness, more salt, more fertilizers, more acid, lower soil penetration, excessive evaporation and stressed plant growth. Plants struggle  from poor water quality, easily evidence by the impact R.O. water has to aid in the growth of seedlings.​​​​

Though acid can break down scale, as water is used and as water evaporates, the minerals in water concentrate, and by nature, they nucleate and then crystallize to form a dense, hard bound scale. The scale bi-products from sulfuric acid - calcium sulfate and from other products resulting in calcium phosphate and even calcium chloride, are significantly more insoluble and more dense than calcium carbonate alone.


These by-products require both an increase in more acid, gypsum and water year over year, further contributing to the formation of unnecessary barriers to plant nutrition, vitality, soil quality and efficient water use - impacting your revenues in yield volume and product grade.  

The Solution is WaterSOLV™ Curative - an HCl based solution that prevents the formation of water scale and breaks down existing scale into available nutrient. Now, hard water and mineral bound nutrient and soil is just bound up nutrients that WaterSOLV™ Curative makes available. 

Certified under the California Department of Food & Agriculture

as an Auxiliary Soil & Plant Substance. A preventative and curative 

water and soil to scale, sodium and chloride.


We use strong mineral acids to displace bicarbonate, where our ions take its place forming a stable complex that does not come apart. This new complex will not bond to other complexes, nor will it nucleate or grow crystals. It stays ionic, passes through the soil profile and is easily taken up by the plant. In this form it is a more available nutrient – nutrients that when the plant is heated or dehydrated, will not crystallize or retain heat. The plant stays hydrated better, longer and with 12% less water.

$10k per acre increased revenue at table grape farm in Seville, CA

  • more volume

  • higher quality

  • evenly spaced nodes

  • it's not fertilizer, it's the program

On average:

  • 1 gl. per acre ft, of water generates 

  • nearly 20% increase yield

  • grade 1 product and with

  • 12% less water.

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