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Ag Program

WaterSOLV™ - Ag Program


Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to potentially serve you and your clients with our water treatment program for Ag (turf, soil, shrubs and trees as well).

Getting Started – The Process


Step by Step: (please email data, do not text images)


Step 1: Assessing your Water(s) – Send us your water analyses (


Step 2: Assessing your soils – Send us your soil analyses (


Step 3: Please have a total bacteria test completed on your water sources. 16 fl. ounces of the source water - minimum, standard water bottle (NO GATORADE BOTTLES) - take from intake at water source about 6 inches or more below the top of the water. Be sure this is a good, flowing, non-stagnant water sample. HAVE EVALUATED FOR TOTAL BACTERIA

Step 4: Basic Questions to complete assessment and recommendations – does not incorporate chemigation questions of details that may be needed to deliver the solutions to the water. This is a separate document.  


In return we will provide a detailed summation including application options for trial, low budget and full scope chemigation options.


Please, feel welcome to call, text or email if you have any questions. We have a tremendous amount of information.

For those not familiar with our program it consists of two chemicals usually added continuously to the irrigation water. The products; Curative, BC and Concentrate are liquids and considered water treatment. Neither product is considered a nutrient or fertilizer though they operate like them through various chemical reactions as follows;

  • Convert water minerals normally associated to scale and compromised water and nutrition infiltration to available nutrition

  • Convert minerals, scale and bound up nutrition in the soils to available nutrition

  • Convert shells of mussels and snails to nutrition

  • Release calcium and chloride while detoxifying sodium impacting vegetation vitality of not only turf but all vegetation including shrubs and trees

  • Overcome anoxic soil conditions and biofilms that hinder infiltration and toxify vegetation

  • Add likely much needed chemistry to overcome black layer and iron matter while providing a continuous chemical soil aerification solution of dissolved oxygen minimizing the need for sod, sanding and aerification

  • Through infiltration, vitality and heat stress tolerance, reduce overall water demand +/- 10%

  • Clean and or keep clean water distribution lines, sprinkler heads and drip emitters

  • Provide a sustainable program that does not build up problems over time

  • Other features of the program include alleviating sulfuric acid replacing it with safe more effective acid at 1/10th the volume required – alleviating calcium sulfate / gypsum, restoring infiltration from cementation and bio-slimes, releasing chloride from sodium and calcium, stabilizing and flushing sodium, watering to water, harvesting minerals in water and soil as nutrition, causing available nutrition at pH values to 8.4, overcoming biological colonies of bacteria - bio-slimes and their toxicity from their waste and sulfide gasses that contribute to root rot, minimizing emitter plugging, restore crop vitality, wellness, heat tolerance, uniformity, grade and even volume – all usually with 10% less water and associated costs.

Both WaterSOLV™ Curative and BC products are very similar to chemicals used in treating potable drinking water; muriatic (pool) acid and hydrogen peroxide. They are similar to what our body does to separate insolubles from solubles and keeping solubles dissolved alleviating things like kidney stones. All the products change the traditional framework of agronomy relating to pH, solubility, infiltration and biology and both products are supplied as concentrated as possible to optimize efficiency and minimize volume. Surprisingly, just 1 gallon of Curative will displace 10 gallons of 94% sulfuric acid (1:10) and where in most cases just 3 gallons can easily treat over 1 million gallons water (just 3 ppm).


We’ve yet to discover products that operate as beneficial including the BC for overcoming biofilms and also providing much needed oxygen into our soil profiles and the Concentrate product for sodium and chloride remediation. Both Curative and BC also contain HCT’s Concentrate for the sodium and chloride benefits, all rendering salt as in sodium and chloride inert and non-toxic as well as restoring infiltration, all affecting vitality while utilizing less water. The quality is stunningly improved and even visually observed. With standard treatment rates and during the growing season, the results are usually noticed at 30-90 days during the growing season, even on great turf and soil.


We deploy this technology to all forms of agronomy including turf, nurseries and even rehabilitating drinking water wells for municipalities. One of the easier interpretations of the program is by hearing what our clients have to say and seeing our list of users.  Following is a link to our YouTube Channel where we host most all our videos. One video in particular is the Fountain Hills video where we treat 100% reclaim water from a dead-end lake. Another is a compilation video of multiple clients and another of golf course superintendents. HCT, LLC - YouTube


The same products are prescribed throughout agronomy however at different percentages for water quality and the remediation of the minerals and biology in the soils, including shells from snails and or mollusks. Once soil conditions are improved, the added volume of chemistry is then discontinued. The amount of soil curation and rate at which it can be conditioned can be manipulated to meet the desires of management and budget.


The product can be tested and or evaluated with topical spraying, or by inexpensive wet well injection.


We encourage you to contact our clients for references and look forward to the opportunity to be of service.

Download the Word file to fill out and send back

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